LuxTech LLC can provide fully managed Web Hosting for your project, company, or organization!

Unmanaged Hosting

  • DDoS Protection
  • Unlimited Site Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Priority Support
  • Fully Managed on Your Behalf
  • Training Available for Initial Setup
  • Additional Site Discount

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On a lower level, websites are made up of many components such as files, code, and databases.

When these items are created they need to be stored on a “host” or “server” that is both publicly accessible and properly configured.

LuxTech Web Hosting takes care of all these moving pieces for you so that when people visit your domain they see the proper result- a website!

All servers on the internet each are represented by a set of numbers called an IP Address.

When your computer asks to visit a website, for example, it really is accessing that IP Address underneath the hood.

This works great, but we as humans don’t remember these sets of numbers very well. Imagine having to type in just to get to Google!

To make this easier to memorize, we can use domains, such as, or to point our computers to these addresses.

Domains are an essential piece of getting your website up and running.

Domain prices can vary depending on what type you are looking for. We sell a .com domain for $14/year which is about the average you should expect when buying a domain from us.

You may notice that other companies advertise $9.99 for a .com domain. This is only true for the first year, and they will increase the price in subsequent years to about $19.

If you would like a quote for a specific domain ending (TLD), please feel free to contact us.

LuxTech has two main types of Hosting you can buy. Managed, and unmanaged.

With our “Managed” plan, you don’t have to worry about any of the technical aspects of your website!

Simply give us an email, text, or call, and let us know the result you are looking for!

Our unmanaged plan is for people who have web hosting experience, and prefer to manage their websites themselves.

In this case we give you access to upload whatever code you want to the server, and you can take care of the day to day maintenance as you wish!

If you are using one of our Managed Plans, we can give you a number of ways to edit your website.

The most common way is that we give you a username and password that you can use to “drag and drop” items like pictures and text onto the different pages on your website.

We typically use a system called WordPress to do this, but we are flexible to any requests our customers may have.


We are known to create video tutorials for our customers, and even provide hands on training if needed!

If you want a more comprehensive or frequent training program we would be happy to discuss running a class for you and your organization!

Yes! We include basic website editing services with your hosting. As long as your requests are simple and quick things such as replacing, adding, or even removing text and images we would be happy to help!

If you need this very frequently or are looking for very large changes at a time, we can have a conversation about our advanced website editing service!